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A 102-Year-Old Woman's Secrets to a Long, Happy Life – The Freelancing Connection



I've been doing my usual reading (favorite topics: anything about aging—staying healthy, spiritual exploration, meaning and purpose, existential questions about what matters, minimalism, politics 😬, etc.), and I came across an inspiring story about a 102-year-old who shared her secrets to a long and happy life.


Her advice aligns perfectly with the benefits of freelancing, as I see it, especially for those looking to transition into a new chapter of life. Here are some key takeaways from her and how they relate to freelancing:


Staying Active: Freelancing keeps you mentally and physically engaged. Whether writing, consulting, or designing, your brain remains sharp, and you stay active.


Purpose and Passion: Just like the centenarian, finding purpose is crucial. She says, "I'd be very, very sad if I didn't feel I was helping people to have a better life." Freelancing allows you to leverage your established skills and talents to pursue projects that genuinely matter to you and help others.


*NOTE—As a freelance coach, I get to help people have a better life. I help them journey onto "what's next," re-establish their confidence outside their usual life, reinvent themselves by keeping the best of themselves and learning anew, shake off stagnancy, navigate a new path, and make possibilities realities.


Adaptability: Freelancing teaches you to be adaptable. You'll learn new tools, work with diverse clients, and continuously grow and adapt.


Positive Connections: Building connections is critical. As a freelancer, you'll connect with clients, other freelancers, and mentors, creating a supportive and enriching network.


Mindset: A positive attitude is essential. Freelancing empowers you to live the life you want, whether it's quitting a job, planning your next step, traveling, or just doing what you want when you want.

Freelancing is more than just a way to earn money; it's a path to a fulfilling and flexible lifestyle, allowing you to live and work where and when you want.


Ready to take the next step, exploring the possibilities of freelancing and finding your next purpose? Use my Calendly link to schedule a chat. We'll discuss you and your aspirations and see how and if freelancing could support your dreams.


Wishing you an inspiring and fulfilling journey,

Jeanne ✌🏻❤️







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