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The Confident Freelancer: 6 Tips to Boost Your Self-Belief

We all have dreams. Maybe you've always wanted to travel the world, control your time, and be your boss. These dreams might sound significant, but becoming a freelancer can make them possible!

For me and James, our dreams have always been the desire to live the life we wanted, and as we got older, this looked like living abroad and traveling. To reach this dream, freelancing was the way to go.

While very rewarding, freelancing can be challenging and needs confidence. Confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets. And trust us, being a freelancer needs it!

If you’re considering a transition, you know that any evolution to a new way of doing something requires a vision of what you want, understanding how to get it, the confidence to start, and the resilience to keep going when it gets challenging.

The need for more confidence to start stops many people. We talk with many and hear things like—

  • I’m not ready

  • I don’t have the time

  • I’m too busy right now

  • Maybe soon

  • I don’t know enough to freelance

  • I’m not technical enough

  • It looks too hard

We understand that all of these phrases are what we’ve all said at one time or another when we felt scared, uncertain, wanted to stay comfortable, worried that we weren’t smart enough, or were afraid that we’d look foolish. Sound familiar?

Let’s start looking at and boosting your confidence to get started with these six tips:

1. Embrace the Learning Mindset

Being a freelancer means you're constantly learning new things. That's because every project is unique and may require different skills. It's okay to feel uncertain at times. Remember that every expert was once a beginner, and everyone has to start somewhere.

The important thing is always to continue learning. Read books, take online courses, ask questions from experts, and always be curious. As the saying goes, "Knowledge is power." The more you know, the more confident you'll feel.

Q — When was the last time you engaged purposefully in new learning?

2. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear, achievable goals gives your freelancing journey direction. Your goals should be SMART—

Specific – What steps must you take to achieve your goal of being a freelancer?

Measurable — How will you measure your progress?

Attainable — Can you accomplish your goal? Do you have the help you need?

Relevant — Is your goal consistent and coherent with living the life you want?

Time-bound — By when will you accomplish your goal of being a freelancer?

This method provides a clear path and makes your targets feel more achievable, which boosts your confidence. Think about what you want to achieve in your freelancing career. Do you want to earn a certain amount, work with specific clients, or learn new skills? Write your goals down and review them regularly.

*NOTE — If you’ve had goals in the past that you didn’t achieve, it isn’t relevant to the goal you want to achieve now. Don’t get bound by the past. Keep going! 😊

3. Celebrate Your Achievements

Every step you take toward your freelancing goals is worth celebrating.

  • Did you achieve your freelancing goal?

  • Did you get your first client, no matter how scared you were?

  • Did you finish a challenging project?

  • Did you get positive feedback from a client?

  • Did you learn a new skill?

Celebrate it! Recognizing your achievements, no matter how small you think they are, boosts your confidence and motivates you to keep going. Keep track of your wins and remind yourself of your achievements whenever you feel down.

Q — When was the last time you celebrated anything?

4. Build a Strong Support Network of Help

Freelancing can be a lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be. Build a strong support network of teachers, coaches, family, friends, and freelancers. They can provide you with motivation, advice, and constructive criticism. A support network also means you'll have people who believe in you, significantly boosting your confidence.

Q — Do you have a network of help to support you? Have you hired a teacher or coach before?

5. Practice Self-Care

Remember to take care of your health. Exercise regularly, eat healthily, and get plenty of rest. Physical health directly impacts your mental health, and feeling good physically can boost your confidence. Also, take breaks when needed. You're not a robot, and it's okay to rest.

*NOTE — You can start practicing self-care today. Take a walk, listen to peaceful music, play with your pet, stand in the sun for a few minutes…

6. Face Your Fears

Stepping into the unknown can be scary, but don't let fear stop you. Fear is a natural human emotion that shouldn't control your life. Use fear as a motivator to push through your comfort zone. You'll find that you'll feel more confident once you've faced your fears.

*NOTE — This is my, Jeanne’s, #1 thing. Feeling scared is always my first feeling. I think thoughts like I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, who would work with me? Every new endeavor has required facing my fears because I don’t go into anything new without first doubting myself.

Our Final Thought

Freelancing is a journey; like all journeys, it can be challenging. However, with the right mindset, setting clear goals, celebrating your accomplishments as you progress, building a Network of Help, practicing self-care, and facing your fears, you can boost your confidence and succeed as a freelancer.

Remember, you're capable, brave, and a rock star, and you've got this!

We hope this blog provides tips to boost your confidence to take freelancing. Remember that self-belief is a big part of the equation. Have faith in your abilities, maintain a positive attitude, and remember that every successful freelancer was once in your shoes. They, too, had to take that first step. I had to take that first step. So, keep learning, setting and achieving goals, celebrating your wins, and facing your fears.

You'll be on your way to a successful freelancing career with the right mindset and approach. Now, go out there, take that leap, and confidently conquer the freelancing world!

Remember, we are here to help. As certified Freelance Career Coaches, we have courses specifically designed to guide you through this transition and help you every step of the way. Click here to learn more.

Keep on moving forward ❤️

J and J

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14 Haz 2023
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This was such a helpful article - thank you! It was a quick read filled with all sorts of great gems and encouragement! Thank you!

James Bellew
James Bellew
15 Haz 2023
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You're welcome! Thank you for letting us know. Pura Vida! 🌺

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