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The Power of Freelance Coaching- 20% OFF - Register for the Jumpstart Program by Sept. 30

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


Learning something new, whether it's a professional skill or a personal endeavor, often presents a series of challenges and uncertainties, and as you may know, the journey can be time-consuming, energy-draining, and sometimes even financially demanding.

Over the last 20+ years, coaching has evolved into a dynamic tool that shortens the journey by guiding and expediting learning.

Some of the most prominent places where people have coaches, and we consider to be the norm:

  • Sports — Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Golf

  • Business — Executive. Life, Career, Sales, and Leadership

  • Education — Academic, Teacher, and Special Ed

  • Health and Wellness — Nutrition, Personal Training

  • Creative Arts — Music, Acting, and Art

Having a coach can reduce the challenges and uncertainties when you have to learn something new or upskill. The impact of coaching can streamline your path, reduce challenges and uncertainties, and save you valuable time, energy, and money while embarking on your learning journey.

The Power of Guided Learning

  • Structured Learning Paths: A coach designs a well-organized learning path tailored to your needs, helping you avoid the confusion of where to start or what to learn next.

  • Focused Progression: Coaches keep you focused on your goals, preventing distractions and detours that can prolong the learning process.

  • Real-time Feedback: Immediate feedback from a coach allows you to correct mistakes and refine your approach, minimizing the time spent on trial and error.

Leveraging Expertise and Experience

  • Tapping into Experience: Coaches often bring years of experience to the table. Learning from their successes and failures can provide you with insights that might take years to accumulate on your own.

  • Accelerated Skill Acquisition: Coaches distill complex concepts into manageable pieces, making it easier for you to grasp and apply new skills efficiently.

  • Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Coaches steer you from common pitfalls and mistakes, sparing you the frustration and setbacks that can arise from learning in isolation.

Accountability and Motivation

  • Consistent Progress: Coaches hold you accountable for your learning journey, ensuring you consistently progress toward your goals.

  • Motivation Boost: The support and encouragement from a coach can reignite your motivation during challenging phases, preventing burnout and loss of interest.

  • Overcoming Plateaus: Coaches provide strategies to overcome learning plateaus, helping you push through barriers that might otherwise stall your progress.

Customized Learning Strategies

  • Adaptation to Learning Styles: Coaches recognize your unique learning style and adapt their approach, ensuring the information resonates with you effectively.

  • Tailored Resources: Coaches curate resources relevant to your skills, eliminating the need for exhaustive research and trial-and-error exploration.

  • Optimized Practice: Coaches guide you on the most efficient ways to practice, ensuring that your efforts yield tangible results and minimize wasted time.

Expediting Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Focused Investments: Coaches help you invest your resources—time, energy, and money—wisely, preventing unnecessary spending on irrelevant or suboptimal learning avenues.

  • Faster Application: With a coach's guidance, you can apply your newly acquired skills faster and more effectively in real-world scenarios, yielding a quicker return on your investment.

  • Building Marketable Skills: Coaches help you know what skills are in high demand, ensuring that your investment pays off through job opportunities and personal growth.

About Freelance Coaching

With the increase in freelancing and no end in sight, I provide coaching to get people up and earning on a freelance platform more efficiently in less time so they can start making money.

Why hire a freelance career coach?

  • You want a lifestyle that provides the freedom to live where you want

  • You want to have the peace of mind that you can make money to take care of your needs

  • You want to experience feelings of joy instead of anxiety when thinking about your day

  • You want to use the skills and talents you've acquired that others will value and appreciate.

  • You want to learn new skills and upskill current ones that can take you into your future without worrying about becoming obsolete.

As a freelance career coach, I promise to —

  • Guide you using a 20-year proven method.

  • Support you in discovering, clarifying, and aligning with what you want to achieve financially, emotionally, and spiritually as a freelancer.

  • Encourage you to discover your unique gifts to share with others

  • Help you generate the solutions and strategies that work best for you

  • Focus on the task at hand — for you to become a freelancer working with reliable clients and making the income that meets your goals

  • Prepare you for a transition

  • Hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself and the life you want.

  • Assist you in doing all the above with fun and joy.

A Final Thought

Coaching isn't just about having someone to guide you; it's a turbocharger for your learning journey. By enlisting the guidance of a coach, you can bypass common pitfalls, access expert insights, and make substantial strides toward success, all while conserving your most valuable resources: time, energy, and money.

Whether venturing into a new professional field or embarking on a personal growth quest, having a coach by your side is akin to holding a compass that directs you to your destination in the most direct and rewarding way possible.

Apply today to claim your 20% Off Fall Special on The Jumpstart Program. $200 OFF!

Pura Vida!

Jeanne 🌺 James

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