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What's Your 100ft Wave?

Hey there,

Have you seen the documentary The 100ft Wave? It's the story of Garrett McNamara, a world-class big wave surfer searching for the perfect 100ft wave. He found it in Nazaré, Portugal, and set the world's record for the most giant wave ever surfed.

I watched the documentary in awe, not because of the wave, although it's imposing, but because I was thinking about the wave being a metaphor for life.

So I asked myself, what was my 100ft wave? Undoubtedly, it was changing my lifestyle, taking my work online, earning money by working where, how, and when I wanted by freelancing and coaching like-minded people and living outside the U.S.

You see, just like you, I had moments in life when I felt scared, uncertain, and doubted my abilities.

But let me tell you, I've learned through my journey and coaching many others that we all have a 100 ft wave, something we want or dream about that we let the saboteurs in our brain tell us why catching the wave isn't possible. Let's see… I can't. What will others think? I should be grateful for what I have; I'm not smart enough, I need to hold on and stay safe, I don't know how to do it, maybe next year, etc…

So, James and I stood on the shores of life, looking out at the vast ocean of possibilities, and there it was - our 100 ft wave. It was the dream of living in Costa Rica, a place that fascinated and terrified us at the same time. The idea of starting a new life in a foreign country and taking our work online felt like a monumental challenge, and we both wondered if we could ever ride that wave.

Maybe you've felt that way, too, facing a big decision or a dream that seems too enormous to tackle. You're not alone, my friend. The path to embracing our 100 ft wave is filled with doubts, fears, and negative self-talk. It’s only natural. Consider whether your doubts and fears stop you from trying new things, going on adventures, ending what isn't working, or keeping you engaged with negative talk and people.

Despite all the reasons not to, and there are always reasons not to do something, James and I decided to take a leap of faith. We paddled towards that wave despite the uncertainty and learned that courage is not the absence of fear but rather the willingness to look at our fear, embrace it, and keep going.

Moving to Costa Rica and taking our work online was a journey of self-discovery and personal growth for both of us. We faced challenges, experienced moments of doubt, and encountered a few wipeouts. But each time we fell, we got up with even more determination.

Here's something important – your 100 ft wave doesn't have to be moving to another country; it can be anything that sets your soul on fire. It's that one thing you've always wanted to do, the dream that seems thrilling and intimidating. On the other hand, it may not have to set your soul on fire. Is there something you want to try, to say you've done, not to regret having not done it?

It could be leaving your job and starting your own business by taking your work online, going on a grand adventure, or committing to a healthier lifestyle. We all have our unique waves to ride, and the journey is what truly counts. It sounds so trite, I know, but life isn't the outcome. It's all the odyssey, and we don't know how much we can do if we don't go for the wave and take our journey.

Here are the outcomes I've experienced from riding our 100ft wave:

  • Increased self-confidence in work and life

  • Increased empathy for others

  • Increased humility in the face of life's twists and turns

  • Improved health physically and emotionally

  • Increased sense of peace and acceptance of life

  • Increased desire to be of service to others riding their 100ft wave

  • Diminished need to control life

  • Reduced stress and anxiety to be better, have more, and prove something

  • The ability to work where and when I want

  • And finally, a sense of letting life unfold and riding it in the direction it's going while staying open-minded.

Living your 100 ft wave isn't about achieving a single monumental goal; it's about embracing the adventure, the growth, and the unexpected twists and turns along the way. It's about living life fully, not being committed to comfort always, and knowing the difference between the fear that matters (don't antagonize a bear) and the fear that doesn't.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm standing here living the life I set out for myself against every fear, saboteur, negative conversation, and naysayer, so this writing isn't about preaching or pretending to have all the answers. Instead, it's in support of you and whatever you're facing that's keeping you from riding your 100ft wave. We're all on a journey, navigating the waves of life, each at our own pace.

So, if you know your 100ft wave, I encourage you to take that leap, just as James and I did. Embrace the fear, acknowledge the doubts, and know that feeling uncertain is okay. But don't let those emotions hold you back.

Surround yourself with supportive people who lift and remind you of your potential.

It's not about having everything figured out from the start. It's about taking that first step, the next, and the one after. Your journey will unfold, and with every experience, you'll grow stronger and more capable.

We can celebrate the journey, the triumphs, and even the failures, for they teach us valuable lessons. I believe in you; you've got this, and the ocean of possibilities awaits you.

Embrace your 100 ft wave. You can inspire others to embrace their waves when you take your ride. The journey will be challenging, but trust me, it will be worth it.

Here's to you and all of us, living our 100 ft waves and making the most of life.

Let's be as much as we can be for as long as we can be.

Jeanne 🌺 James

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