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Power Your Freedom By Freelancing
Live and work where, when, and with whom you want


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I’m Jeanne Bellew, a top-rated online freelancer, a dedicated coach, and an expat living in Costa Rica with my husband, James, and our two dogs, Cousteau and Ferdinand. I’m thrilled to connect with you!


Considering a transition to freelancing can be a pivotal moment. If you're at this juncture, searching for a way to integrate flexibility and satisfaction into your work, you're not alone.


Envision a life where you dictate your work hours and environment. Whether that's from the tranquility of your home, while traversing the globe, or in the company of family—this is the essence of the freelancing lifestyle that awaits you.


If you are transitioning into retirement or planning your transition, if you need to supplement your income, or if you want to offer your skills and stay engaged in the world, freelancing is a way to do it all!


My Path to Freelancing. 💻


Through diverse roles in coaching salespeople and healthcare executives through transition and in senior care, I've gathered a wealth of experience over 30+ years.


The global events that shook the foundations of our lives and so many others also nudged us towards a significant change, leading us to the life we now enjoy in Costa Rica. Like us, you may feel the urge for change, driven by the desire for stability, autonomy, or more clarity about the future.


Freelancing emerged as a way forward for us and our life abroad. The skills and knowledge I’ve acquired over decades of coaching, plus the knowledge I’ve embodied from the Barefoot Consultants® program in the freelancing niche, have enabled me to craft the blueprint for our new life—a blueprint I'm eager to share with you.


My Commitment to you. 🙏🏻


With a background steeped in transformative experiences, I offer a seasoned perspective to your freelancing journey.


  • A guided experience with the proven Barefoot Consultants® Method.

  • Personalized support to help you identify and achieve your financial, emotional, and spiritual goals in freelancing.

  • A nurturing environment to help you uncover and polish the unique skills and talents you have to offer.

  • Collaboration and development of tailored solutions and strategies that resonate with your path.

  • A dedicated focus on empowering you to become a freelancer who works with dependable clients in good jobs

  • A commitment to hold you accountable to your aspirations and the life you envision.

  • A partnership that brings joy and fun into every step of your freelance journey.

Coaching Makes A Difference. 🙌🏻


  • Coaching, like teaching and mentoring, helps accelerate learning. Sure, you can learn on your own, but with a coach, you move more quickly with less trial and error, so you can get where you want faster at less cost in time, energy, and emotional exhaustion.


  • Coaching helps you become a better observer of yourself so you can see what stops you from getting where you want to be in life.


  • Coaching allows you to design better actions to move forward toward your goals.


  • And finally, a coach stands with you through the exhilaration of accomplishment and the resilience required when learning gets tricky.

Are We a Match?  


If you're seeking:


  • A lifestyle that provides freedom to live where you want

  • Peace of mind that you can make money to take care of your needs

  • Feelings of joy, instead of anxiety, when thinking about your day

  • Time to do things you’ve wanted to do but were too busy with a job

  • Using your skills and talents that others will value and appreciate.

  • Learning new and current skills that can take you into your future without worrying about becoming obsolete.

  • Engagement with others and the world while growing older


Then, let's consider embarking on this path together. It would be my privilege to accompany you on this venture.


Taking the Next Step. 🐾


If you're ready to take the next step, congratulations!


I am offering a complimentary 50-minute consultation so we can meet, get to know one another, and begin uncovering your goals and aspirations. During this time, we’ll have the opportunity to figure out if and how to work together to accelerate your learning and fulfill your dreams through freelancing.


So, schedule our 1-1 call now!


Peace and love, ✌🏻❤️



Your life is in your hands. You get to have it any way you want. Your desire

to make a change is only the beginning… let’s get the rest of the way together!


J and J Online Innovations Courses

21 Days + Done for You Profile Service

Too busy? Not sure what to write? Mental block? I understand! I'll take charge of your process and develop your profile in a way that I know will help you get the best results!

Additional Custom Packages

Several Custom Packages to meet your specific Freelancing needs!

Freelance Accelerator Success Track

The 21-Day Program + Done For You Profile + Coaching through proposals and getting clients!

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