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Hey, Costa Rica Dreamers!

Guess what? I recently had the opportunity to speak at a relocation retreat in Esterillos Estes, CR, at the end of October, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer!

The retreat was jam-packed with top-notch experts covering everything you need to know about moving to paradise – we're talking relocation experts, shippers, lawyers, CPAs, builders, and more!

I had the privilege to sit down with the one and only Michael Alan from Travel Costa Rica NOW for an exclusive interview. We discussed the details of a work option that's a total game-changer – freelancing.

It was informative, informal, and fun! We laughed a lot while discussing possibilities for moving to Costa Rica (or anywhere) while still earning an income.

Most don't know that you can't just pack your bags, move to Costa Rica, and snag a job—nope, not happening.

Curious? You should be! This video is your backstage pass to insider knowledge, shedding light on freelancing as your ticket to making waves in Costa Rica.

And hey, if you're itching for more wisdom, mark your calendars for the next relocation retreat on March 3-9, 2024. You can find the link to learn all about it on our website.

Trust me, it's already half full and filling up like hotcakes. Watch, learn, and maybe I'll see you there, ready to embark on your Pura Vida journey! 🌴✨



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